$NNDM friendly reminder and update for newcomers: We are banking on the following today: 1. Sweep Call for Shorts to cover their positions going into the holiday weekend (speculative not confirmed) 2. DO Closure PR would be a bonus but do not rely on it. Company has a track record of announcing closure so we know its imminent but do not be disappointed if it doesn't happen we don't need it (shorts have been covering steadily since yesterday) 3. Cup and handle to finish forming for technical run (we would need $3.15ish by around 11:30) if it doesn't happen it'll be fine well just rise slowly Remember shorts have higher risk than we do I'd rather be in our shoes today than theirs: 1. They have unlimited risk 2. Their fees are over 230% today 3. They know the longer they wait to.cover the higher the risk Our job is simple: 1. Hold our positions or if we have good entry avg. Then sell with appropriate ask and hold firm 2. Ensure the modest dips from profit takers.
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