$ROKU @RokuInvestor Awww it looks like I’ve hurt Curry’s🤡 feelings. Look at him losing it big time, using someone else’s account to claim it is supposedly my account just cuz he got nothing on me 🤣 don’t start making BS up like Curry 🤡 because you will def be called out and exposed just like I did with him. Look at him running away with his tail tucked between his shaky legs 😜 He first kisses my ass, begs for my price targets and then got triggered cuz I called him out after my EOW prediction was on point right after he tried to “ridicule” me 🤣. The student will never ridicule his Master 😉. Don’t play games if you can’t handle being proven wrong. After over a year of schooling you, it is time to bow down to me, Curry 😉