$TLRY hello dear Tilray investors, we all agree that the price in a few months will be higher than now what also justifies my investment. I am very convinced of this company and believe firmly in it (fundamental) that is not a MEME stock . but where I can not follow some members is that I keep reading short squezze. yes it may be that GMC or now shares that are in focus have a shortsquezze, BUT HOW DO YOU COME TO TILRAY ? lt figures are only about 10% of the open float shorted. does anyone have other provable figures and please do not answer ( 30 percent short ratio now, we should know the difference ) am looking forward to constructive answers thanks in advance
@FRANKE881 completely agree with that. Prefer a steady rise versus a volatile up and down. Wow, that’s great re: 100k - clearly, you believe in this company :)
@Archie1221 i believe in this brand ! i think this will be huge, should MJ be legalized in US and EU we will see much higher prices and without any short squeeze