$TLRY You need patience! Many Americans talk Tilray bad because they put on their MSO, but these MSO are not allowed to export weed to Germany or Europe. Why Tilray ? They don't do everything right but a lot of things.2018 sales were 40 M - 2022 it will be about 770M. And that is mainly only with sales in Canada! Who can calculate knows that Germany has 3X more inhabitants. In addition, now comes the very best there is a controlled sale in nearly 3000 stores! Not every company is allowed to sell cannabis in Germany like in Canada! Everyone should watch the video from Spiegel to see why tlry will profit the most in Germany. The company currently has a book value of 1.3! This share will give you a lot of stomach ache in the future but one day it will be worth it. The minus or plus you currently see in your portfolio is irrelevant! Tilray could already in the past price jumps of several 1000%. you want to be part of a party early, here you have a possibility.