$QQQ Seems like the first day in a long time where the dip wasn't bought. We went up higher than I had ever anticipated, but it only pushed me to add even more $SOXS $SQQQ $FNGD and TECS. I see this as the beginning of a temporary bear trend in the Nasdaq (and SPY), with a potential bottom around 14K (340 QQQ). I can see a dead cat bounce/buy the dip on Monday, but my conviction holds and I'm not planning to unload any of the above. Once we approach 14k, I will start buying SOXL FNGU TQQQ TECL etc... But not until then. I see about 2 weeks time aka end of July to get there. The chart below I actually made Wednesday last week, when we had our first dip, but then the 'V' happened. I will be following the guideline below for now.