$SPY Well, the correction has started, but 426 will be a resistance point, and a potential for bounce. I was off by a week on the correction, but it only gave me more time and conviction to load even more 3x bear shares. I currently have the following # of shares (about $1.6 mil worth): 3200 BZQ 2480 DRIP 62700 FNGD 3600 LABD 2300 SCO (but hold more UCO long) 4550 SDOW 16800 SOXS 10950 SPXS 8600 SPXU 40600 SQQQ 67100 TECS 3350 TZA (unloaded quite a bit on Friday) 3620 WEBS 250 YANG (but bag hold a lot more YINN) I do NOT have a specific price target for any of these (so pls don't ask), but my focus is on $QQQ approaching 340, but a lot will depend on where the SPY leads us. I WILL start 'tapering' aka unloading some of my bear positions today, at least 10% (will post/screenshots when I do). The hardest part for bears is letting go and taking profits without getting greedy.