@Jim_Tom1 Not really opinion if its true. Slick Saleem did scam PMCM investors. He did do everything that was posted here. And everything about Mullēn has been a lie. So its not opinion. Its fact. And facts hurt feelings. Slick Saleem Michery is a notorious and well documented fraudster conman who shouldve been banned from The Market years ago. How much DD did you do?
@Jim_Tom1 Slick Saleem scammed pmcm investors in 2014. He scammed Qiantu in 2019 for the china cars he prostitutes on social media as Mullēn vehicles. He scammed Net Element investors in 2022 after the reverse merger and he has continued to scam muln investors over and over. Again, do you even know what DD is?! You think I based my entire outlook on a single post?! Ive been the bankrupted and abandoned Greentech garage in Tunica that Mullēn claims they will build the 2019 Five in 2025🙄