I am thinking $SES is the LUCKIEST LOSER COMPANY right now. They did an R/S in July and got their float down to 1.2. That TOTALLY ATTRACTED the pump-and-dump Newsletter/Chatroom Sellers. Even better, it was a sleeper/ded stock. No volume. Starts the sales campaign. "I'm watching SES" "Chart looks great" " Could run just like ABCD" Then $SES did its familiar Merger announcement. Last one AEF was taking over SES. That went nowhere. Hmm. Hey let's throw in a THIRD company and make it at 3-Way. C'mon, you always wanted one of those. ADMIT IT. I believe, too, the pumps were looking for the 'next runner', and for some reason, they got SES going real good. Everything is fine, right? WRONG. (read reply)
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