Yes, lets all take financial advice from someone who uses the words, Bum & Noob..... Stop telling people this will drop below $40 so easily, Even when it does, It will literarily be fro minutes because people will buy so many shares it will rise like mad.
$NIO Obviously you bums don't know how it works. Either way in the short term this thing is tanking no way to put it other than that better hope 38 holds. You also got a remember we have at very least a nice little drawdown coming in the market, so for all you Nubes the best way to see how strong Nio really is Watch it everyday in comparison to other electric vehicle stocks during the upcoming pull back. Be patient get you a better price and let things play out patience is key I .don't care how you feel about the Company's future jumping in right now will cost you a bunch of money if I had to pick I said $38 is best case scenario. Worst case scenario what Citron said , $25. Either way I will be here heckling all the bums doing stupid stuff. Be safe I'm not just here to talk shit I like helping new guys out I've been around the block a few times.
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