$CGC $TLRY $ACB $VFF $MSOS #GreenThumb #RedWhite&Bloom #Trulieve "Marijuana COULD become FEDERALLY legal by December" This #December, #cannabis could be #federally #decriminalized when the #U.S. House of #Representatives #votes on the MORE Act. If passed they would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act. Furthermore, the new Act would impose a 5 percent #tax, expunge all previous convictions, as well as create The Cannabis Opportunity, The Community Reinvestment, and The #Equitable Licensing grant programs. House Majority #Leader Steny Hoyer wrote in a letter that this could improve the economy and help #Americans who have not been able to get jobs or apply for loans by expunging previous non violent convictions. ⁠ US Gov't will need the TAX revenue from this but as we all know gov't isn't good at getting things done unless its pay raises for THEMSELVES every yr.
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