• @YGLD if your talking about the boys that bought high, I have no doubt it will climb back up. Ath reduces its share size by 50 percent, this seems to be the reason it dropped. There is 50 percent more watchers in this on stock twits and there isn’t a large share pool. CEO is buying in, cfo was given shares at 3.11. Old ceo hasn’t sold his shares. Just hold and you’ll be fine. Paper hands won’t do well here
  • @Favor1 @DrVader He’s a losing trader I was just like him at one point Angry with everything as a result of my trading He’ll be fine i’m accepting of all trader levels here 🙏 It’s going to be a rough journey and he’s got to get a grip on it because this shit can easily spill over into his everyday life I know first hand
  • @Favor1 omg I don’t do PC. Now you’re acting like a retard too. I am kind and respectful to those with honest remarks and no horseshit but spammers and frauds that play on people’s naivete are gonna get called out by me when I see them. Does that answer your question princess. Or is princess not PC either? The world is a hard place so you better get some tougher skin.
  • @Favor1 @YGLD yea. I got a big problem. Boredom when the market it closed. 😂😂😂 until you two came along. Thank you!! Man maybe Ygldtard is worth that $50 per month!!
  • @Favor1 @YGLD your missing the context favor. You just see this thread. This guy is a fraud and a spammer. There’s a short history. Lol. Words as a weapon? Really? Didn’t you ever here sticks and stones? Jesus grow a pair already.
  • @Favor1 @YGLD that’s the point flavor!!! It’s entertaining plus spammer and frauds are what’s wrong with twits!! So I got a twoofer with this ygldickhead! Are you not entertained!! 😂😂
  • @Favor1 @DrVader I recommended Dr Steenbarger to him to help him To expand his consciousness on how to deal with emotions in the market/trading he didn’t listen he just kept spewing garbage 😂 I didn’t say HEY COME JOIN MY CHATROOM I referred him to someone that helped me If he doesn’t want to learn that’s on him
  • @YGLD @Favor1 did you just say expand my consciousness? He says the exact same thing any trading 101 book says. You’re on my radar because you spam all day trying to get followers to pay you because you can’t make money trading on your own. I see what you’re doing though… Good gig though since you have stops of 8% on every trade. Here’s a tip. Static stops were useful before algos controlled the game. The stock had to get low enough for the MM to see it. Now the algos know this at each tick. Some stocks need more room to breath than others you idiot. Sure have a stop loss if you’re not emotionally strong enough to hit the sell button when you should but having the same percent on every trade is dumb. Look at LGVN for example…. 8% can happen in a split second. You lost because you didn’t factor that in. Did it break 11 like I said it would? Yup but you were already stopped out. Your technicals suck and apparently you didn’t learn patience in all your studies.
  • @DrVader @Favor1 Actually I had an entry target of $4.88 BEFORE it was $5.00 I never took it because I didn’t like the volume to relative volume ratio which to me indicated an incoming false breakout , it certainly broke out but just as I thought it would , it traded like garbage Obviously we know now that it did , never said I was right 100% time You obviously see what you want to see.. Which is what biased losing traders do 😂
  • @YGLD @Favor1 it was obvious to me and about a few thousand other people. Order book confirmed it. Along with the 8, 13 and 22 day MA. Volume was insane from news break on. I saw it because it was staring me right in the face. Just like INM before and PROG the last few weeks. Dude…. nothing ventured nothing gained. Relax your losses and given you’ve been trading for 20 years plus your gut is no longer a cruch it’s a tool. Noobies shouldn’t follow their guts because their guts haven been ripped out by mistake after mistake but you should have known that one was gonna fly in the 4s if you’re a true pro. I’m no “pro” like you say you are but I saw that one a mile away.
  • @DrVader Volume was NOT insane that morning That morning started off soooo slow $LGVN was the leading gapper , the next gapper play was weak as well Volume swooped in out of nowhere bringing choppy price action with it
  • @YGLD the volume was twice the free float on a 5 minute candle. The next 3 stair step candles confirmed the trade with 9, 6 and 5m volume respectively. That’s text book. Or also pulled back in a text book fashion with half the previous candles volume. That alone was enough to signal retail buyers and long holders limits being tapped out. It also spread the 4 fibs from 8 to 34 which signaled day traders like me to pile in. Go back and look at the chart dude. It was as pretty as it gets. You can’t call a stock low like that then not get in only to get in late with all your followers getting in and chasing it then get stopped out for an 8% loss. Shit or get off the pot and don’t chase the ones that have already run. You waited until what 14 to get in? The trade was at 4-5 bucks dude! Let me know next time you’re wavering on a stock and I’ll let you know if it’s a good play or not. Before it goes bonkers so you don’t have to chase it. 😂😂😂😂
  • @Favor1 you not Jesus. Jesus had two big hairy diamond balls but alright you win on the retard issue but only because I don’t ever want to be mean to anyone with special needs but here’s the difference so you can understand… if you were actually retarded, I would never call you a retard. If you were morbidly obese I would never call you a fatass. Do you see the difference? It’s just a word and until I direct it your way you can’t actually be offended by it personally. Unless you are or have a special needs friend or loved one. If they were the case then I would apologize and block you on Shame and guilt. Lol. But are you actually retarded? I doubt it. And he isn’t either. This was a good chat dude but ok getting hungry for Outback Steakhouse. I still think you need to chill on the PC stuff but I get it.
  • @YGLD I’ll make you a deal… I’ll quit fucking with you if you stop spamming stocks I’m in? Deal? 😂. Promote a bull or bear case on a specific stock sure I’ll good with that but tagging 10 tickers to get attention gets old and is ruining twits.
  • @Favor1 ah sweeeet. We almost went there when in Dallas for a mavs game. Unless there’s more than one. I’ve been to one near Albuquerque too a while back. They actually had single deck blackjack and you could touch the cards!! 😂😂😂 so this is the right time of year for the Oklahoma casino??