$SLS ➕ ➕ KEY CATALYSTS.... 🔥Results due imminent Phase II Trial Combination Immunotherapy With NeuVax and Trastuzumab in High-risk HER2+ Breast Cancer Patients (HER3+) NCT02297698 similar to recent GLSI news sent price to $150 in 2days! 🔥We have pipeline of late phase immuno therapies nearing FDA approval, 🔥Excl. GPS licensing deal $202M w/3DMed for Chinese market (1st pymt $7.5M banked) 🔥IMPD approval P3 into EU staring with France and Germany 🔥GPS P3 pivotal trial (REGAL study) for AML interim readout Dec21 launch 2023 🔥GPS 1/2 combo w/PD1 collab w/Merck (Keytruda ®) in VARIOUS tumor types and IST study w/Bristol Myers Squibb (OPDIVO ®) 🔥NPS licensing opportunities HER2 for TNBC 🔥NO Debt, Cash security no dilution required 🔥Low float