$DJIA $FB $TWTR So Biden has enriched his entire family from his public office including funneling money thru the Chinese Communist Party who sent us Covid 19 and we’re getting ready to elect him eventho according to science, he’s already living past his life expectancy for a white american male. Makes sense 🤦🏼‍♂️ Everyome is racist tho... We’re so screwed!! If anyone has a brain or generates an income, please consider what Biden’s plan does to your hard earned dollars... Your financial statement is about to be obliterated. what the radicals are about to do to our energy sector and the choking taxes they plan on implementing and imposing on job creators. We’re moving into a phase of a 1 party rule and that should scare the shit out of any logical person. Trump is an idiot but what he says rings true; The media is the enemy of the people. Vote for policy not the person.
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