That explains the Vatican Blackout... and Nancy Pelosi’s tantrum at her laptop was seized by Special Forces Commandos infiltrated among Trump protesters & Antifa @ State Capitol breach during the Electoral College Joint Session of Congress... and all this Big Tech overdrive censorship and “cancel freedom of speech”initiatives... & their “last resort” to shut down Parler... & their relentless psycho~ward attempt to drive Trump out of the Oval Office before January 20th through an ‘All~In~One’ vote and trial on Monday: Pope Francis arrested on 80+ counts of child sex trafficking!!! The little bluebird will have to spill the beans or he will have to 🛌 with crocodiles and spend half of Vatican Bank’s Fortune in hypodermic lubricants. You heard it here 1st: Markets will open down 700~800 pts. minimum. Boycott ALL these overbloated & overweight pigs of FANG and Big Tech from these Silicon Valley adrenochrome~addicted CEO’s... Biden’s harem. $$AAPL $FB $TWTR $GOOG $SPY
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