$SPY $SLV The dollar is predicted to crash against the euro in coming weeks. That’s bullish for all commodities, especially energy and metals. Mnuchin and Senate Republicans are ready to roll out an additional stimulus that’s predicted to run the remainder of 2020. That includes the additional fed UE benefits that are currently $600 although there’s (suppose) to be a reduction from this number. Regardless it appears the fed will continue it’s UE kicker. S and P futures closed right at 3200 (major) support which was set from a prior FOMC meeting. Monday and Tuesday should set expectations the rest of the year. FANNMG stocks have broken down over the last 10 trading sessions. Additionally this from their all time highs. Silver has the makings of an island cluster. This break down could be a nice set up for another run up for the rest of the year. Monday and Tuesday should tell the tape. Either way, more volatility is coming. Be agile either way. GL to all
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