$WKHS Seems to me WKHS just has so much political backing behind it that it just can’t fail. They run out of money, money will be found, they need workers, a bus load will show up, they need land or tax breaks, they will magically appear. Everyone knows EV is the future and the Valley there is going all in on ensuring WKHS/LMC succeeds so jobs come back. In fact even bigger, they want it to be the epicenter of EV. So I’m sure a lot bears will have valid points over the next quarter or two about the viability of the company but there are a lot of heavy hitters batting for this thing. WKHS/LMC winning means everyone wins. Seems like Burns, regardless of what you think of him or his past, has friends in high places plus toss in Trump ...I see them getting all or most of the USPS and a big investment from GM. Just a matter of time.
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