$NIO just a simple lesson of what big money can do to screw you. I'm not a financial advisor, but see this example for ABC company: Level 2 bid shows there's 100k share bid at $18.25, and the current price is $19.00 πŸ€”, the average retail investor says.." oh, that's where I'm putting my entry bid...$18.25! Well, the price drops all the way to $18.25 and retail buys in thinking that there will be a big block bought at that bid price.. 😳 wrong, big money removed bids from $18.25 and bids at $18.00 with 100k, the price falls to $18.00 right where most of retail places there stop losses and big money gobbles up the cheap shares... and back to $19.00 they go. So, no everthing seems to be what it looks like, it's a house if smoking mirrors my friends, think like them and you will make money like them.