$KYNC could it be a scam company? Sure. Is it? Dunno but I'm holding for beta. Does the tweet scare me? No. I own a marketing company for 14 years now and we sometimes use templates to create sites for other companies. We will plug in their imagines, content, etc and input our code. Sometimes thats all we'll do but then other times this is just temporary while we build out the official site from the skeleton out so this doesn't concern me. Do they have 7k in the bank? Seems that way. Can they obtain more money without diluting? Sure can. Even if they dilute in the future no problem. The market cap can still increase tremendously if this is a legit app coming to market. I'll take my chances here. Im not saying I'm holding this or any other penny stock for years but ill hold till I feel it's turned to shit. And as of right now this hasn't turned to shit. I feel we got some run way yet