Tomorrow is the big day! $FMCI is bringing plant based food company Tattooed Chef public. Female led. Vegan. Vege. Farm to table. Fits major growing food trends. COVID proof. Biden proof. Trump proof. 100+ new products on the way. Plant based meat pizzas just rolled out in Sam’s Club! Plant based desserts. Vertically integrated-they plant/grow their ingredients. In Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, AND NOW DISCOVERED IN TARGET! Online ordering coming any day this month. Deal with major pizza chain very possible. Major FOMO/cult potential. $50 billion sector. Profitable. Double digit revenue growth year over year. Q3 BLOWOUT EARNINGS RELEASED AT 71% INCREASE FROM LAST YEAR. Q2 was first quarter private label passed white label in percentage of revenue - more and more realizing they’ve been enjoying Tattooed Chef products without knowing it. Ground floor IPO opportunity like $BYND which ran from $25 to $235 per share in months 💎💎 $HYLN $SPAQ $LCA
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