$AABB aabb right now has the time to come out as the “savior” to the market crash and a more stable currency than $BTC.X and $ETH.X my eyes will be on their news feed all morning, I really want them to take advantage of what’s going on and come out as the big savior to this crash, providing the best store of value. We will have the attention of the entire international market. This is the time for the international currency revolution.... I faith management won’t disappoint... all eyes on news to see if they drop their coin today.
@MrDayTraitor Just to clarify, though, it's not an all or nothing type of day for $AABB . Of course, the coin release today would be great timing. But at the same time, I don't want a rushed release. Consolidation at this level isn't all bad - the priced moved over 70% yesterday....in one freaking day. If it can hold at this position and treat it as the next leg up, I consider that a massive win for this stock as well today (especially in this sea of red).
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