You know you're holding a good deck when literally every single position you own just happens to be corked up in parabola formation ready to launch up. . $BNGO $PLTR $ZOM $AAPL $ZOM - Damn am I Looking forward to watching these all reach for the skies this year and next. All of these tickers should do extraordinarily well this year and next.
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@FinancialTouch You’re that long on ZOM off technicals? I’m in deep with BNGO but see ZOM as a shorter swing considering fundamentals. I exited ZOM around .94 yesterday from entry at .3 and don’t plan on FOMOing back so just curious.
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@hollaatd $ZOM made this on ZOM before the whale emerged yesterday in premarket. I already had the algo pattern research for it as it is the same one that was used/still used on $BNGO so it was no brainer.
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