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    Jason Fisch Joined Dec 06, 2011

    Stats as of 2012 :: Portfolio: +9.08% w/ 15 Open Positions (4 Years) // 20 Wins / 29 Trades (69%) // Best Trade: +146.22% // Avg Win: 19.75% // Avg Loss: -24.48% [Follow Portfolio & Disclaimer @]


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      Rules (of) The Universe
      Money & Wealth Creator
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      biotech trader, photographer, physical therapist, singer/songwriter, devoted mate, and fan of nfl's burgundy and gold
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      James Daddario
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      k d
      I'm new, but learning something everyday. I like bios/ tech, but they must have fundamentals. Read everything you can. P.S. If you try to pick the bottom every time, all you get is sticky fingers. P.P.S Use stops.
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      cameron fous
      8 years pro trader. $371k in profits since 2011. Day/Swing trader focus.
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      Mister T
      I'm newish to the investing world with about 8 years of experience. My trading style usually revolves around a lot of research on companies that peak my interest. Stocktwits rocks for trading ideas and to track what I play and their outcomes.