$MVIS The only thing that everyone should be debating is if the company will go through a BO or start contracting out themselves. If mvis goes through a BO the price targets that Chartology and other speculate can come to fruition. I think it is reasonable to see 30-40 come April if all is as projected. If a BO doesn't occur then you will see our "best in class lidar" get contracted out to manufactures all across the world. We wont realize those tendies until 2022-2024. The thing to remember though is that there are currently only 4 companies with a working lidar prototype that car manufactures actually have interest in. VLDR still has a product and until we find out what really happened, likely never they are still relevant. The only direct competitors are OUST and the VALEO-IBEO partnership but actual concern goes to LAZR in comparision to (specs, and project cost to manufacture).