$SPY This is how Novices like Davey Day Trader lose money, They sell when stocks go down in a panic, pay 30% in taxes. Then since stocks "Only Go Up" they jump back in thinking thats true & again get caught again in a downward draft & again selling a panic. Next up they wait for the Fed to say them so they keep buying more of every dip & again lose until the gains they made so easily are not all gone & they dont have any Market acumen or skill to make it back because they never learned how to trade. Its a skill that takes a lifetime not a casino. Market will always make sure you learn that lesson $AAPL $AMZN $BA $TSLA
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@GoodNewsBull I think he's a clown also but there is a thing called "Social Influence" in the 2000's (educate yourself). To believe his trading account (I don't care the losses) are what he is banking on vs. rising exposure. Who knew of him before Covid? Barstool sports, bookies, sports betters? Now he's like Howard Stern.. Have a good one!