$LKNCY look at SBUX China Q1 2021... what we have here is a good old fashioned shoot out. Sbux opening 571 stores this quarter putting them over the top of Luckin’s last reported number of 4800... and now we see Luckin opening new stores at a break neck pace again. Over 80 in the past two weeks alone. Item number 2: look at the REVENUE 😵 if this was Luckin (which it is not) you would be able to buy $911m in sales for the low low price of $9.07 a share which means you’d be buying it at 2.3x sales, an unheard of ratio for a company adding hundreds of stores a month. (Yeah yeah yeah, sbux has higher operating margins because they sell their coffee for more money, I know.) but the point is that X number of Starbucks stores are generating a FAT $911m, quite the chunk of change for a segment with THE SAME NUMBER OF STORES AS LUCKIN. You, reading this right now, can buy this company before the major institutions can get their hands on it. They won’t wade into OTC Pink and fraud. You can.