$AMRN I have re-evaluated my decision to sell half my position and plan to add more on Monday. Why such a drastic change you ask?: 1. I was selling because short interest dropped as of Dec 31. When I saw yesterday’s single day short interest I realized it had been climbing since then. The last 6 days have had massive shorting. I love that. 2. I saw a trader friend of mine last night. He is mostly a day trader/swing trader. He went short AMRN this week. I asked him why. Was expecting the generic trial or something good. He said everyone is doing it. Just chasing momentum. He actually knew the story of the stock and liked it. But he want to make his quick hit. He plans to cover as soon as it moves up and will stay short if it doesn’t. 3 I bought the other day for the same reasons I like it. Retail is selling down to here. This is when to buy not to sell.
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