$FSR days like today today (97degrees) well really more like 3 months a year of 90-100’s. me being a mailman walking all day outside in the heat 8-10 hour days is the reason I can’t wait for Fisker to hit $600 or even split and cash some out and ride the rest so I can retire and live off of rental property income and maybe a part time simple part time job a few days a week just so I’m not bored at home too much.
@Behold_A_Pale_Horse I wish. They made a deal with I think Ford and Oshkosh for some butt ugly trucks. They look like a mix of the current truck morphed with those big FedEx trucks. One thing the post office loves to have is a butt ugly mail truck! On the bright side we’ll finally have AC!!! Currently we have a small probably 6 inch fan mounted on the dash that blows air at u… but when it’s hot that’s hot air being blown at you! And not to mention made of aluminum and it’s basically like a miniature oven!
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