$LKNCY Some people in here really need to wake up to the fact that there is no way on earth that Luckin Coffee is worth less than its original IPO valuation. The IPO Underwriters, Credit Swiss, Morgan Stanley, KeyBanc and others came up with the $17 price tag, because of real valuation, the price jumped higher despite Q1 85M loss. THIS IS ALL PRIOR TO FRAUD!!! The drop from $50 to $1 was the punishment. IT IS ALL PRICED IN!!! I will not spoon feed you the rest, get up off your buttocks and do your homework! So called bears are fake, this board is full of scavengers, scalpers and swingers! Luckin Coffee is extremely undervalued why? I had 10,000 shares at the IPO, i did my homework then, that is why I am super bullish now!!
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