$SPY $SPX $DJIA $DIA What's that Janet - the US govt gives tax incentives to multinational corporations for outsourcing jobs? You mean to tell me the govt has been doing this on purpose? Wait a minute- Biden voted for all those budgets his entire career. How easily fooled people are. Imagine being a factory worker that lost their livlihood to outsourcing, got their pension raided & was left with nothing - then the call center came in - the pay & benefits were lower but it was something - then that was outsourced too - now your a door greeter at a Wal-Mart trying to earn enough for food. At least Janet is being honest that this was being done to the American people on purpose. Now imagine realising that your kids & grandkids are going to be paying the bill for the unfunded debt accumulated that rewarded the corporations for doing it - with interest. No wonder Americans fucking hate the govt. uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/y...