$VXRT The CIVICs program of DUKE received $400MIL over 7 years form NIAID for influenza. Here’s a MAP of the Network. “The CIVICs program aims to improve the durability of seasonal influenza vaccines and develop a universal influenza vaccine through iterative vaccine design, pre-clinical animal studies, and early phase clinical trials.”
@Flakz2020 Duke we know. Dr. Gray and Dr. Langel UPenn is Plotkin. Andrei went to Wharton. UMD is who Vaxart did Phase 1 Norovirus with - note Marcela Pasetti- insight.jci.org/articles/vi... UW is Tucker and Dr. Pepper. U of Rochester if where prior Vaxart advisory board member Dr. John Treanor is at. He did some HIV pill tests and a lot of influenza research. Richard Schwartz the VP of Manufacturing is actually from U of Michigan. UMICH led a lot of the stalk targeting research.
@herbbrooks You forgot UNC Baric. Also that Wistar Institute showed up once again. This guy shows up under Vaxart people search🤔
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