$TRIT The shares look expensive, except to those who were in it for the ride during the the first short report by bear cave on December 18 when the stock moved back from the low of $7.70 to $15.45. I bought a couple hundred shares at 7.80 and low 8's then as my funds were stuck with a REV covered call un-strategy (strategy is to make money the most money LOL). It could happen again but this time it will take more trading days but the satisfaction of clearing all the short positions will be heaven-sent. I think many have suggested TRIT will a new all-time high by June/July, if not sooner. These are all coming together: -Short % of trading volume decreasing -DTCC/NCSS rules to be put in place this week and in the coming weeks -TRIT corporate developments -Some more institutional buying as a result -2020 FY financials by June 28 -66 traders to hundreds of buyers and trade financiers