$NBY sitting on good news. PR will skyrocket this. My speculation is this... a finger prick test to test for antibodies as a covid play? This is solid. I'm coming in at .84, the support for this is at .95. It is being shorted right now, so people can get in cheap. This is a highly recommended play, but it really depends on if you're going to buy higher than the asking price to make this rocket. The play is simple, if you want this to turn green and want to buy 500 shares, then buy 200 at market price, 200 at market price, and another 100 at market price. I know this isn't the typical play, but this is how to beat the bears from shorting this. I'm buying 400 at market, 300 market, and I'll continue to add to this until i reach 2000 shares. Once it goes green, I'll add more. Good luck.
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