$MYOV so everyone is wondering will the breakout follow thru and where does it go price wise? This is what we know: 1. June 23 breakout above the 19.68 pivot point on 4.3 mil shares 2. IDB would tell it’s momentum traders to place a stop loss at 18.10 8% under the pivot point 3. IDB wrote myov up around 4:00 pm yesterday - momo traders will have myov on their radar 4. Breakouts to the upside typically yield 20-25% from the pivot 23-24 target 5. The follow Thru phase is now and is intact until the stop loss is triggered according to ibd (I do not place real tight stop losses like 8% that’s ibd) 6. Evercore raised price target to $55 from $45 - let’s see if the other banks do likewise
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