$GHSI menafn.com/1100784231/Guard... They currently have until Dec 5th to do a Reverse Split. They want to amend in order extend RS to one year of approval of plan. They have better representation now. They have a partnership and channel in Asia to sell product. They can strike similar deals or extend their Malaysia deal when Malaysia runs out of product from current deal. They want to get SP up organically. They have solid incentives to get this over a dollar by end of September. They want to keep their shares (granted the link states they want to increase outstanding shares available for incentives - that could mean one of two things, you can do the math) Those spewing nonsense about management WANTING an RS, go home, if they wanted it they would have done it already (compliance date is currently Nov 30th, and they will wait as long as possible) Things have only changed for the better here so if you thought this would be over a dollar same time last year, what are your reasons for thinking otherwise now?
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