$AMC Newswire spamming, bot spamming, msnbc round the clock negative coverage, Kramer seriously wondering why anyone would be short amc right now, more shares than float exists, the only unknown is will you apes hold? If you believe we will, we squeeze period. They are walking down the price right now. That means they lower their ask price wall as they lower the price and walk it down in increments so it looks like the price can’t move up. Easy to do when all brokerages but a couple are closed. Webull apes can’t do it alone; they know this. Hence it’s looking bearish. In reality, just remember this; VW hit 100 a share with less short percent. Chart looks like ours before the cover happened. remember KOSS going to 138? Short positions have risen, since June 2nd, 9 weeks in a row!