$NWGC Some bears have legitimate concerns. Some lost money because they don't know what they are doing so now they want everyone to suffer and will bash. Some have weird agendas. I think you will continue to see more coming out, whether real accounts or not, because they are taking advantage of Mark not being able to openly talk about things like before when he wasn't yet involved in the company in any capacity. They literally just got a team in this week to start sifting through all the bs that needs to be dealt with I regards to the defunct company. There's nothing to announce yet because they are still getting affairs in order. I believe you'll see a turnaround in SP and communication once the leaders have settled into the company and looked at everything. I'm not butt hurt if daytraders want to daytrade or if people want to cut their losses. I will hold though because I have enough patience to at least wait and hear what the company's plans are.