There Are Lots Of Different PR’s That Culp Could Issue That Could Cause The Stock Price To Jump 50% And That Is About What Culp Needs To Bring $GE PPS Over $18 .60 And Keep It Above That For 30 Consecutive Days. Who Knows What Deals Culp Is Making Behind Closed Doors? I Haven’t Seen Anything Yet To Convince Me Culp Will Succeed In Receiving His Second Bonus. That Would Require $GE To Stay Above Roughly $31 For 30 Consecutive Days. BUT, It’s VERY Likely He Will Push $GE Into The $20’s Trying Hard For That Second Bonus! Sure, He Might Sell ALL Of GE Healthcare To Accomplish That, But, I Don’t Remember Reading Culp Promising Not To Sell Portions Of $GE To Make GE Stock A BlueChip Stock Again That Everyone Wants In Their Portfolio! Remember, CULP Wants His Bonuses! Tic, Toc, Got Stock? Glta Bulls, Watchers, & HOLDERS
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