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    Steve Morlat Joined Aug 09, 2010

    Looking to help Educated Forex Traders while providing brokerage services.


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      StockTwits FX
      Official FOREX Blog of
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      Butch Belano
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      PowerLine Trader
      Pro trader,many years experience (AND STILL LEARNING), using Proprietary PowerLines to trade the Forex&Futures Markets Profitably. Visit
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      Alun Jones
      Trading since Nov 2009, settling down to price action day trading. Target is 50 pips per day, lonf way to go but slowly getting there with the psychology and patience. Alos like Flying, Sailing, Golf and Astronomy.
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      Nicola Duke
      Prop Futures Trader, technical analyst. I also trade some futures, currencies and some large cap stocks. I use fibonacci, harmonics, trend lines, channels and chart patterns.
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      Online investing companies Zecco and TradeKing have merged. The combined company and offering have continued at
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      John Peet
      Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer Baltrax Asset Management, LLC
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      Stevie Kagen
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      Joel Kruger
      I am a seasoned foreign exchange professional and the founder of I have a passion for trading and idea generation and employ a blended techno-fundamental approach to markets. I began my career in investment banking and worked in currency
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      Keith Rivas
      GA Tech Engineer gone rogue as in Entrepreneur. Spent most of my "job" life helping US manufacturers open markets in Mexico and South America. After founding and selling a couple of businesses I am now a fundamentally based technical trader.
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      Chris Bayer
      Chris Bayer - FX trader using simple technical analysis, multiple time frames, focused on entry and risk control. I comment on the FX market and financial news every morning with the DAILY ..“The First Shot” morning webinar starting at 5:59 am es
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      Casey Stubbs
      Forex trader that has a Trading School and training blog.
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      Titus Davis
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      Marc Nicolas
      Trader-Serial Entrepreneur- Intl Ultravagabond Marc is a 15year trader worked as a proprietary trader for JP Capital a division of Andover Trading now Assent . Founder and Head trader for and
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      Adomas Kucinskas
      FX trader, IT profesional. Trading manually and using robots. Experience - 3 years. Also can write any forex trading robot. Developing websites.
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      SE1 Capital Markets
      Full time FX Trader.
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      Futures Trader71
      Professional index futures and commodities trader in Chicago. Prop trading shop owner. Trading Futures is not suitable for all investors.
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      Christian Gagnon
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      The Trading Desk Official Account
      Proprietary Trading Desk in NYC backing discretionary and quant traders. is our trader education company.
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      Tim Bourquin
      Part-time trader and full-time entrepreneur