$OCGN To sum up the 8k released last night regarding the shares. At least this is what I believe. Granted the warrants weren't exactly issued like this... 16,003,916 (06NOV) +16,200,000 (Warrant C) +4,000,000 (Warrant B) (as of 25NOV) =36,203,916 As of 25NOV +4,000,000 (Warrant B on 26NOV) =40,200,916 (As of 26NOV) +12,600,000 Additional Warrant B =52,800,916 total OS possible $15.5 Cash asof 30SEP -1.5 estimate for this quarter +7.7 neocart (not complete yet, most likely increase to 8.47 on 01DEC) =$21.7 MIL 21.7/52.8 = .41!!!! Hm... Wait a second... Wasn't the purchase of 100k by the CFO at .41?? Wait a double second... Isn't his average .41??? Seems to convenient. Now somebody correct me somewhere. I know I'm missing something on the warrants. Yes, I haven't included a buy back. I will in the comments below.
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