$OCGN These are OCGN facts. Not all of them. Please do you OWN DD as there is much more info out there. 30SEP – Merger completed 04OCT – CEO Buys 5k at $1.88, CFO owns 31,078 (145k in warrants) 05OCT – Old S3 filed for 111k shares (Warrants A,B,C) (OLD OLD OLD OLD) 11OCT – CFO Buys 4k at $1.48 (35,078 total) 06NOV – Warrants amended. Warrant C down to 20mil and able to exercise immediately, Warrant B Reset period of 10 days, Warrant A includes provision that an investment up to 10mil will not be included in its calculations, 16,003,916 OS stated including 3.79mil from warrant C. Total of 81,176,934 OS including all A,B,C warrants. 12NOV – 10Q released. 15.5mil cash AS OF 30SEP. EPS -3.55 20NOV – CFO Buys 100k at .41 (135,078) 22NOV – CFO Buys 80k at .28 and 115k at .27 (330,078 average of .41) 22NOV – CEO Buys 5k at .28 (10k total) 25NOV – 36,201,635 OS confirmed. 12.6 mil warrant B after reset period added. 53,000,000 OS if all B and C exercised.
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