$EFOI I see it too often, so often it hurts. My friends if you have to ask somebody when a stock price will reach a certain point, when you should enter, when you should exit, you have no business trading stocks. Please for the love of god put enough effort into understanding an equity before purchasing shares of it. There are so many pumpers now a days on social media, and it's disturbing. Prior to issuing warrants such as these, companies typically artificially boost their stock prices to receive max value on said warrants, it's the pre offering pump, and if you do your research you can see that it happens quite often. Having said that this company is destined for great things, I do believe that to be true, and will be taking up a large long position. Please trade carefully and avoid getting trapped with a higher than needed average. This stock still has room to go down, and most likely will. I'll be accumulating shares on the way down. Cheers and good luck. -Four
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