@Foxtastic I am extremely bullish but that article even though well written can be misleading if you do nor read it correctly. It only said that OWS allows innovation and immediate response by multiplying partnerships, and in that case it served $TNXP. ==))) There are over 100+ Companies that are currently working on a Covid-19 VACCINE but only 14 have been selected by the OWS OFFICIALLY ( Sources: official government website : hhs.gov/about/news/2020/06/... ). And I guarantee you TNXP is NOT one of them yet. There are opinion from Companies and Facts from the Governments.
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@Foxtastic And to be more precised, from the Government website quote " The 14 vaccine candidates are being narrowed down to about seven candidates, representing the most promising candidates from a range of technology options, which will go through further testing in early-stage clinical trials" The seventh candidates are : - Moderna - Johnson & Johnson -Astrazeneca - Emergent - Apiject - SiO2 Materials Science