@McVII @interestingkiwi. Im not sure if this applies to other brokerage apps but what Ive found to be a cheat tactic with the Robinhood app is that once the stock starts to trade in the .0000's instead of the .000's or .00's, it signifies not only low volume, but in jeopardy of meeting listing requirements. I notice these characteristics before the $TRNX RS and the $FCEL RS. When your trading at thousands of a share at .4833 or .3372 for 30+ days an RS is inevitably the only way to stay on the boards. I noticed $OGEN trending like this the past 2 weeks also. I may be wrong because this is ONLY a theory until I observe otherwise but Ive been through 3 RS's on the Robinhood app and each one displayed the same way. $OGEN has already had one RS in 2018 so its not impossible it wont happen again before ph2 is over. If it happens just call me the RS meteorologist. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I would love to be wrong because Im definitely not trying to see an RS just to get to the $2 mark that the analysts predict.
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