$PLRTF Differentiators between the Companies $PLRTF - Design and build in house .Scientists and engineers with prior sales accomplishments. Nano Swarm for Military and Government, Heavy duty long range for Military / Oil & Gas inspection and Environmental. Do autonomous as standard and as per the interview 400KM BVLOS. Gasoline / Battery / Hybrid $DPRO Two old in house designed drones, battery operated and line of sight operation only. Heavy Lift drone is a Chinese DJI Matrice M300. They buy in other vendors drones and offer consultancy. Great legacy but lacked for years. Bragged about patents are toothless tigers. $RCAT A holding company that is accumulating small drone companies. Each drone company is stand alone entity doing what it did before acquisition. Teal being the jewel. They benefit from regular news from each entity, no collective plan. $UAVS After a year of utter BS, company needs an identity and a direction. Very sensor centric (brilliant), drone tech is ancient.