$XSPA There are signals on this chart that indicate the air pocket from $1.25 to $1.66 is inevitable. There are 3 indications positing this could happen right out the gate this week, and a few indications it may happen later in the week or the week after. Let’s see which indicators have more clout. The close above the yellow trend and the volume we saw on Friday could lead to a continuation. Premarket will be interesting, possibly another gap up. If the stock stair steps like MARK did recently, it won’t need to go and fill its runaway gaps either. The recent history of XSPA’s support and stair step behavior also support this positive outlook. A touch and go on the yellow line would be really sweet. Would need a small gap up, then an early sell off back to 84 for that. The negatives, which send this stock to .67 or .71, could have to do with the cup and handle already fulfilling it’s price target Friday, and so it will now retrace to the Pink line, before it’s ready to run again.
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