$SHLO quiter than a mofo up in here. Ok, truth be told, this company has 1.3B in revenue but poor profits and earnings. Has a history of spending money inefficiently, but hence the new management. On May 5th they brought in a CEO who was CEO of Stonebridge for 20 years, whoever they are. $SHLO makes parts for cars and has strong relationship with the big boys. When and if car sales pick up, will see company shares go up with the auto industry. Hedge funds own a lot of this company and it appears they pushed for the new management to see this company pay down its debts and burn less cash and make more profit. I’m obviously not in this stock for anything more than the beautiful chart pattern, so to all those playing this one with me, play it accordingly. Nasdaq stocks will likely fight to keep over a buck. Not a good time to do an offering but you never know. Doing more research to see if I can pick up on any gossip, but it’s really quiet on Twits - low follow count & low vol. 🤔
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