@FrankieSmilez $SIGA agree with you .. but it s not small pox but it s not (the old) monkeypox or even the new virus ! Of course you need clinical trial or you should need .. if you monitor 10000 US people who has received Tpoxx .. how do you call that ?? ! An official trial has started with people working and under the US defense control .. look on the list of trials .. these guy will receive Tpoxx and vaccine together .. that s à mix of Two vaccines, called 3rd generation, interchangeable, are used for monkey pox: Imvanex and Jynneos. The vaccination schedule is 2 doses - second doses +28 days . .. thé most important and current issue is that vaccine and antiviral are classified top and secret defense .. pox is considered like a weapon. how long we don't know? That why no country communicated s his stock of Poxx vaccine and US not his stock of Tpoxx. With annual financial report you succeed more Or less to calculate a stock of Tpoxx available .. but again it s secret défense