$AVCT To those concerned about a reverse split... Let's assume they do a 15:1. The float will drop from 79M shares to 5.26M. The value of your holdings will still be the same. The short interest will also be the same (21.44% last reported - likely higher now), however, the likelihood of a big squeeze will go much much higher given the small float. The floor here is high and the ceiling is very high. A reverse split is of no concern and actually adds significant value potential in addition to the value of a buyout. For the record, I'm holding 2.2% of the float (1,800,000 shares).
@DTT10 @iam6ft10 actually we've been seeing filings like this pointing towards the buyout but nothing about a reverse split for months not even sec filed yet, they're not worried about that! they're rushing to get this deal done if you look at the filings and know the research that I've done then youll see that they've been doing a filing every single week since New Management took over to meet the deadlines for the end of month on the buyout, no r/s whatso ever