$PLUG This was a HUGE win of a day! Closing up over 15% on INSANE (not mom and pop) volume! I know many of you are disappointed we didn't close nearer to the high but as I mentioned earlier, a good part of that high was MOMO traders experiencing FOMO. Add to that we were extremely extended on multiple levels, like a very over stretched rubber-band. So if we didn't pullback today we surely would have at some point tomorrow. I wouldn't have been shocked to have seen a pullback to the $6 area, yet we closed well above there. Now we will likely consolidated in this area or a bit lower which would be perfectly healthy and better for the long-term. Speaking of long-term, I have to think analyst were impressed with today's call and I would expect to see some upgrades which could give SP a boost before settling back to comfortable trading range, before all eyes are on the next Qtrly report in August. Hey @TheHouse610 contrats, your #CLNE closed up 0.47% winner winner 🐔wing dinner #Bawhahaha
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@t_john1955 I can't say I blame them for cashing out on some of their holdings with SP now at highs not seen since 2014. I would have like to have seen the sales on a smaller scale. Also makes me think nothing earth shaking is planned to be released soon. I could be wrong but that's my thought.