$SAVE Gap up Tuesday, close between 12.90 and 13.10. Bold prediction, but catalysts exist. We saw 300K+ flyers for the first time in 2 months. More importantly over 10% of last years flyers which has not happened since quarantine took place on airlines. Will be happy with slow grind green, but can see explosive day. Considering it is MDW weekend, we will have a LOT of flyers during these market closed days. Many friends/family planning to travel. Im in a tourist area, and can see people flocking over. At this point, if $SAVE dips below 10, it will be bought heavily by institutional investors (and myself). Big risk with this ticker (which holds true with all airlines) would be a situation where CV re-peaks, and govt. issues an order regulating flights. As long as we trend with opening the country, flyers will increase heading into June/July. 16-40 year old range are not fearful of CV and want to vacation. They WILL fly with $SAVE to FL, LV, MX, Caribbean, etc.
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